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Music by Peter Weis featured in Wreck Chasers

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Music by composer Peter Weis placed in the show Wreck Chasers. You can hear the  cue at the beginning and end of the clip with the Wreck Chasers logo.

Music by Peter Weis Placed In NCIS Los Angeles

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Music by Peter Weis placed in NCIS Los Angeles
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It is always nice to see your hard work pay off. I was combing through a recent list of cue sheets and found more of my music being placed.  My music has once again surfaced on MTV, found its way on to other networks like VH1 and A&E and even into the show NCIS Los Angeles.

As a kid I grew up listening to LL Cool J’s records. Actual vinyl records. It feels pretty weird to watch him walking around a scene as a federal agent, with my music playing in the background behind him. Even more interesting it wasn’t anything close to hip hop.

Back to writing more new music.

Thats All I have to say.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Logic Studio Remake

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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I decided to spend a bit of time remaking the Taylor Swift song We Are Never Getting Back Together.  The final result is not a perfect rendition of the original instrumental but its pretty close especially if you were going to use it for karaoke or to do your own cover version of the song. The Majority of the sound used are factory sounds that come with Logic Studio 9 and the Garage Band Jam Packs that came on the addition installation DVD’s way back when.  I used a bit of layering in the guitars, and the drums of course. The track is pretty simple. Most of the songs “epic-ness” comes from Taylor Swifts fresh delivery of the vocal and the endless amount of vocal layering that they did during recording.  If you have any questions about my process of how I put this together leave me a comment below or comment on the youtube page.

The Eye

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Getting my creative on last night.

As Long As You Love Me (Cover)

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I’ll tell musicians all the time to do covers, so I am going to take my own advice and have some fun at the same time. Here is a cover of Justin Bieber’s As Long As You Love Me. I re did the music production in Logic Studio making some changes. The main trumpet parts were done using a harmon mute, recorded about 6″ off the microphone. There are also few low background trumpet parts recorded open and layered with some of Sample Modeling’s TSAX played using an Akai EWI USB. Besides the drums most of the other sounds are factory sounds that come with every installation of Logic Studio. If you have any comments or would like to know more about the production just let me know.

Questions Answered: Mixing Help

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A friend on Facebook recently sent me a question. She had recently purchased protools and needed help learning to mix. I realized this info might help out other people as well. Si I decided to post the answer to mu blog.- If you have questions or comments please leave them below.

I used this book It is a good place to start. Keep in mind that there a few things that go into a good mix. The most important of those are the Performance and the Production. If those suck, a mix isnt going to make them much better.


No. 1 – Take time during your production work to choose the right sounds (Those would be the sounds that sound good to you, the better they work before you mix, the better they will sound once you mix, and the opposite is true.)

No. 2 – The last more important issue is you have to learn to listen. For this part I suggest you get a few CDS, of what ever charting artists you like and listen to what they sound like. One of the reasons so many people suck at mixing is they have know clue what a good mix actually sounds like. Make sure to get music from major label charting artists,  not remixes, freestyles, mixtapes and bootlegs from around the way. If you’re going to learn what a good mix sounds like, your going to have to start by listening to good mixes.

For Hip Hop:
Life After Death by Notorious BIG is one of my favorites.
The Eminem Show

For Rock:
Staind – Break The Cycle
Puddle Of Mud

Boys To Men & Mariah Carey – One Sweet Day

As I think of more I’ll add them up.

Playing Trumpet At 1 AM

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I spent a lot of time learning, playing, and practicing the trumpet. Recently I have been trying Re – find my groove with it. Take a short listen and let me know what you think. If it is something people like maybe I’ll do more of these just for fun.

This was done with a few instruments in Logic Pro, and 4 tracks of live trumpet. ( 1 open trumpet, 2 Cup muted on backgrounds, and 1 Harmon muted on backgrounds.) 


1st Post Of The Year – Thank You 2012

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The first post of the year. 

With a day of thought and reflection about 2012 complete, it can only summarized as a year of progress. Often we become focused on a goal and forget there is a journey to the goal that is equally important.  It is the journey, the progress, and the small steps you take towards achievement that test your true desire and question the  faith you need to reach them.

2012 was a year that continued to bloom with seeds I have planted in the past few years but it was also a year of many first. Fun firsts, fearful firsts, painful firsts, much needed firsts, and firsts that will continue to set me free to pursue the life that I reach for.

I wish you a 2013 filled with the things your heart needs to pursue the dreams you desire.

Thats all I have to say.

Simple Acts Of Kindness.

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Simple Acts of Kindness.

Be kind. A simple lesson most all human beings learn as children and so often we forget. No one is perfect but mindfulness of being kind can go along way. A gesture as simple as holding a door open on the way into a store so it does not slam on the person behind you can make a persons afternoon or change there mood from anger to gratitude. The words, Please, Thank You, and Your Welcome go along way. Participating in conversation. Be patient. And ultimately treat every one else the way you would like to be treated.

Nothing To Say

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Many answers, still questions.