Day In The Life

Music by Peter Weis placed in NCIS Los Angeles (Total reading time 1 minute) It is always nice to see your hard work pay off. I was combing through a recent list of cue sheets and found more of my music being placed.  My music has once again surfaced on MTV, found its way on […]

Questions Answered: Mixing Help
January 4, 2013 By Pete
Music Producer 101

A friend on Facebook recently sent me a question. She had recently purchased protools and needed help learning to mix. I realized this info might help out other people as well. Si I decided to post the answer to mu blog.- If you have questions or comments please leave them below. I used this book It is […]

The Mystery Of Mastering
January 10, 2012 By Pete
Music Producer 101

The Taboo’s Mastering Music (Total reading time 2 minutes)  There is no topic in recording and engineering more mysterious then mastering.  The ways the word mastering are thrown around in conversation about recording these days are  always confusing and misleading. Some people think mastering is actually mixing and some people just think that mixing and […]

November 18, 2011 By Pete

Do you upgrade your computer and software often? Did you ever wonder when the best time to upgrade is?  Here are my thoughts on upgrades. Never upgrade anything in the middle of something important. This is the most important rule to remember. Don’t upgrade software or hardware just to upgrade, have a reason. Are you […]

Why So Serious
November 12, 2011 By Pete

Hans Zimmer is a constant source of inspiration for every modern composer. If your not familiar with the Hans Zimmer sound the intro to the Dark Knight has to be one of the best cues he has ever written. Its maddening sound and building tension gave the joker sonic life. Never heard this before? Turn […]

How To Make Battery Into An SP-1200
September 9, 2011 By Pete
Music Producer 101

Turn Native Instruments Battery Into an EMU SP1200 or Akai MPC-60 (Total reading time 2 minutes) Native Instruments Battery is a sampler specifically used for working with drums. While you can program other sounds into it like basses or keys, its strength is in being able to individually manipulate each sample or “cell” Battery gives […]

Its Been A Busy Week In The Studio.
July 30, 2011 By Pete

Studio Time (Total reading time 1 min) It has been a long mostly lonely week in the studio. Solitude with the studio walls can only mean one thing. Intense work and focus. I got a bunch of new cues done this week for a music production libraries on the east coast. In between writing for […]

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