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Music by Peter Weis Placed In NCIS Los Angeles

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Music by Peter Weis placed in NCIS Los Angeles
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It is always nice to see your hard work pay off. I was combing through a recent list of cue sheets and found more of my music being placed.  My music has once again surfaced on MTV, found its way on to other networks like VH1 and A&E and even into the show NCIS Los Angeles.

As a kid I grew up listening to LL Cool J’s records. Actual vinyl records. It feels pretty weird to watch him walking around a scene as a federal agent, with my music playing in the background behind him. Even more interesting it wasn’t anything close to hip hop.

Back to writing more new music.

Thats All I have to say.

What A Wonderful World

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You can not be a trumpet player with out understanding the legacy and achievement some one like Louis Armstrong made to the world.  Today I finally got to visit his home and museum in Corona, New York.  It has been some thing that has been on my bucket list for about a year now.  It was well worth the wait.  I got to take a long look at Louis Armstrong mouthpiece and trumpet.  For any trumpet player that is as about as serious as it gets.  After that we went on a 45 minute tour of his house, complete with funny anecdotes, pictures and sound recording.  It is also worth pointing out that even if you are not familiar with Armstrong’s legacy as a musician you will still appreciate the interior design and period decor of the house.  If you are in the NY area please give it a visit.

(I have wanted to take the picture on the right for the longest time. This is a picture of me on Louis Armstrong’s steps. )

Thats all I have to say.

Peter Weis