Questions Answered: Mixing Help
January 4, 2013 By Pete
Music Producer 101

A friend on Facebook recently sent me a question. She had recently purchased protools and needed help learning to mix. I realized this info might help out other people as well. Si I decided to post the answer to mu blog.- If you have questions or comments please leave them below. I used this book It is […]

November 18, 2011 By Pete

Do you upgrade your computer and software often? Did you ever wonder when the best time to upgrade is?  Here are my thoughts on upgrades. Never upgrade anything in the middle of something important. This is the most important rule to remember. Don’t upgrade software or hardware just to upgrade, have a reason. Are you […]

Network Like A Superstar
September 26, 2010 By Pete
Life Hacking

Networking is one of the most important parts of getting your self out there. It doesn’t matter if your in the music business, selling real estate or making wedding cakes. Networking the right way will get you to the next step. In some industries its almost the only way to get to the next step. […]

End The Mixtape Madness
January 19, 2010 By Pete
music business

Talking with friends in the music industry, artists on the rise and hip hop fans in general all I here is “Mixtapes“.  The conversation seems to be split pretty evenly. Most rappers are working on  mixtape. Most people in the industry do not want to see another one any time soon. The idea of a […]

Music Production

You know hip hop has reached a turning point when Nation Public Radio aka NPR does an article on Mixtapes. The interesting article talks about the evolution of the mixtape over the past year. 10 years ago mixtapes were used as promotional tools for DJS. They featured blends, remixes and more importantly a lot more […]