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Music by Peter Weis Placed In NCIS Los Angeles

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Music by Peter Weis placed in NCIS Los Angeles
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It is always nice to see your hard work pay off. I was combing through a recent list of cue sheets and found more of my music being placed.  My music has once again surfaced on MTV, found its way on to other networks like VH1 and A&E and even into the show NCIS Los Angeles.

As a kid I grew up listening to LL Cool J’s records. Actual vinyl records. It feels pretty weird to watch him walking around a scene as a federal agent, with my music playing in the background behind him. Even more interesting it wasn’t anything close to hip hop.

Back to writing more new music.

Thats All I have to say.

Music Placed In The Movie The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe

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Music written and produced by Peter Weis and Duane Tyndale was licensed in the movie The Next Three Days starring Russell Crowe. The movie opened in theaters around the US this November.

Music Placements

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Music Placements Include:

Promos and Underscores for two top daytime television talk shows.

Saturday Night Live

MTV’s Undressed

NBA Access with Ahmad Rashad
NBA Action
NFL Under The Helmet

The Bussey Bunch
Despierta America
Full Frame
Game Head

New Zealand’s Next Top Model

Surf Patrol (Australia)
Great Out Doors (Australia)

Nouveaux Pieges Du Credit (France)

And more….

Articles featured in Computer Music Magazine (UK)
Produced and engineered a Top rated and reviewed sample CD for Tekniks/ Big Fish Audio